LGL#3 Services by technical support company for the Azuro Protocol Development

Initially the Azuro Protocol was developed by Azuro Ltd. However, all of the rights on the Azuro protocol have been transferred to the Azuro DAO. Currently, the DAO members do not have enough competence to solely provide the technical support and further development of the Azuro Protocol. Therefore, we propose to offer Dalaxy Ltd., a private company limited by shares incorporated and registered in the Seychelles with company Registration Number 233920 to provide such services for the DAO on a monthly commitment basis. If the DAO shall approve this proposal – the offer shall be deemed accepted by Dalaxy Ltd. if the last provides information about its crypto wallet for the transfer of funds.


The mission of the Azuro DAO is to develop and distribute the Azuro Protocol to enhance the betting experience for millions of people. To bring the best experience to the community due to the novelty and complexity of blockchain technology in the sphere of betting – it is required to have a powerful and competent backup and support. Currently the DAO does not have enough competence to independently carry out technical support of the protocol. For this purpose, we were able to find a company with high recommendations. Dalaxy Ltd. is a company specialized in blockchain solutions development.

We propose to make and accept this proposal to contract with Dalaxy Ltd. on the further development and technical support of the Azuro Protocol.

Dalaxy Ltd. will provide all necessary Services to maintain regular functioning and future enhancements of the Protocol. Dalaxy Ltd. will not be subjected to keep any of the IP Rights in accordance with the provided services under this proposal.

After establishing the Administrative company for the Azuro DAO – the companies may sign (not obligatory) a Service provision agreement with Software Development Agreement.

Besides for the budget mentioned bellow – Dalaxy Ltd. will be entitled to receive a compensation from the DAO (or the DAO can transfer the funds directly) for certain agreements (such as Data provider agreements) which are required for the technical support of the Protocol.

If the DAO accepts this proposal - Dalaxy Ltd. shall provide services to the DAO for 1 year unless another proposal will be accepted by the DAO. If the DAO shall not accept a proposal in the future on the subject of changing the technical support company or Dalaxy Ltd. will not reject provision of services to the DAO – the service provision will be automatically renewed for 1 year.

The DAO may vote an additional proposal to expand the duties (services) provided by Dalaxy Ltd.


For the provision of such services under this proposal the DAO shall be entitled to transfer Dalaxy Ltd. 300 000 (Three-hundred thousand) USDT per month. The transfer of funds under this proposal will be solely done by the following Azuro DAO treasury MultiSig wallet signatory: Paruyr (wallet 0xa3827FA00309F940D7145c75d1344eEaa3452c02) and will not require any additional signatures.

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