Proposal MKT#1: Launch of the «Azuro Score» Stage 1


With the recent launch of the Azuro V2 contracts, the protocol is ready to support deep liquidity and thousands of betting markets daily. At the same time, the Azuro ecosystem requires a significant depth of community cooperation, the value brought by different participants, and eventually - community ownership and governance.

In this context – it is essential to draw attention to the different parts of the current Azuro ecosystem, especially: 1. Trustless, non-custodial betting markets via frontends connected to Azuro protocol; 2. The “Liquidity Tree” pools allow anyone to LP with one click into numerous betting markets and profit from yield, which isn’t correlated to general financial or crypto conditions; 3. The ongoing transition of the Azuro DAO to an open community advancing innovation, fairness, and trust in decentralized betting, with DAO governance via an $AZUR token.


In order to kick-start the process outlined above, we propose to launch the «Azuro Score.»

The «Azuro Score» is a system that will reward participants with points connected to performing particular activities within the Azuro ecosystem. These activities and the exact timeframes during which points will be rewarded will be visible on the Azuro website and/or Gitbook. The current proposal is as follows:

  • Kick-off “Stage 1” of the Azuro Score during the 3rd week of February 2023
  • Agree that Azuro Score points will be convertible into $AZUR tokens after the launch of the $AZUR token

Additional information and specification of the «Azuro Score» campaign, as well as decisions connected to the future stages of the Azuro Score and/or amounts of $AZUR Tokens allocated for the Azuro Score from the Azuro DAO treasury may be set up in separate proposals.[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar close=2023-02-16T23:45:00.000Z]

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